People Helping Others Unconditionally (P.H.O.U) is a non-profit charity that spends 100% of donations to provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, school supplies, recreational equipment to children and people in need living in rural Cambodia. We do not receive any compensation for our work and pay for all operating expenses out of our own pocket. Every penny of your contribution goes directly to the project you support.

P.H.O.U was started 15 years ago by Pharn Phou, a Buddhist monk which has devoted his entire life to helping others. His visions for improving lives of rural children in remote villages in Cambodia is through education. The PHARN PHOU elementary school was built in 1998. It is currently enrolled about 230 students; ranging from Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Thanks to the generous donation of his children, grandchildren and others like you thousands of lives have been changed.